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Modern Canvas Artwork

The History of Modern Artwork

Modernism was born late 1800 to early 1900; right around the time when a radical alteration in the attitude to art and imagery took place. One very substantial area is the enormous shift in sensibility caused by developments in science and philosophy; this profoundly affected human sense of reality, our understanding of the professed “real world” and how it was viewed.  These new-born Modernists existed essentially in a move from static to dynamic view of the world based on movement and change to a view that shifted from the visible to the invisible, from a perceptual to a conceptual comprehension of the world and our place in it.  If we can begin to understand some of the fundamentals of Modernism’s origins, we will gain a deeper appreciation for this style of art. The words to describe modern oil-painting include radical, dynamic, exciting, and non-traditional.

modern canvas paintingsModernism, like its style, is not a clear-cut term. When applied to the visual arts it has to do with a type of forward-looking radical modernity, a kind of cult of the new which depends upon a principled and ongoing rejection of whatever is considered artistically conventional or traditional. In a more general sense, Modernism can also be applied to a style of painting in which the abstract qualities are more overtly revealed. Unlike traditional oil paintings, modern oil style carries no feeling of distance, and the figures are not naturalistic in the way they are painted; the inter-relationship between background and foreground is gone; instead figures are presented in a series of simplified planes and placed right on the painting’s surface, rather than being viewed as if set in a three-dimensional landscape.

Modern Oil Paintings

Usually modern oil paintings have so many ideas going on in it, that it can be used as a point from which to move out and discuss various themes relevant to modern art, it is regarded by all who study twentieth-century art as a kind of mind-opening experience. This radical approach to art eventually gave rise to cubism, which master-minds like Picasso and Braque worked on together. Modern canvas artwork is a broad notion. The modern style of oil paintings varies with each artist. Simply put, modern is non-traditional; therefore, any oil painting that is non-traditional falls under the category of modern. It does not have to do this time period it was made in; it has to do with the unique approach of the artist’s expression.  Although the technical methods of oil-painting are scarce and have now been known for centuries, the varieties of quality of those paintings that result from individual genius are virtually as numerous as the number of artists themselves.  They cannot be described without examples; but it may be said largely that, as different violinists provoke different qualities of tone from the same instrument, so the idiosyncrasy of painters yields new results with old colors and old methods. It is in the way, and not the invention of original methods, that the art continually renews itself.